What it is

Player's Toolkit is the best women management app for seducers.

It is designed for men having multiple women in their life and/or meeting new ones regularly.

It helps you to manage your activities and interactions with your female contacts, from a small circle up to an "industrial" level.


  • Stores your female contacts details, everything useful from a dating perspective.
  • Predicts your contacts menstruation calendar, basing on the past information you know.
  • Includes an agenda to schedule your dates and when to better callback your contacts.
  • Shows statistics about your results, basing on your dating history, and tracks down your progress.
  • Helps you to manage and prioritize your daily tasks related to dating so you don't have to think twice.
  • English and French languages supported (other language on demand).

What it is NOT

  • A marketing app. (No ads, no data collection)
  • An online dating app.
  • It does not learn you how to seduce women.


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Privacy policy

We do not collect or store your data. The data you add or import to the application remain in it on your device (unless you explicitly export it, or use a cloud service for backups for example). Your data can never be transmitted to us. In fact, the application does not ask for network access. The only permissions it requires are the access to your contacts (if you want to import them) and the access to your device's storage (to import pictures).


  • All my contacts are already in my phone, can I import them into this app?

Yes, use the import button at the top of the contacts list.

  • Can I backup or export my data from this app?

Yes, this app relies on the standard Android backup system. You can use any backup app or service to transfer your app data to another device or to a cloud.

  • Can I call/text my contacts from this app?

Yes, the dial button opens your phone's dialer app.